Cajun Classics


Cypress Grill Specialties

New Orleans-Style BBQ ShrimpGulf shrimp sauteed in butter with garlic, red onion, Worcestershire and Abita Amber beer. Served with French bread and choice of one side. This ain't no Texas BBQ!15.99
Shrimp En BrochetteGulf shrimp skewered and wrapped in smoky bacon, served over dirty rice then topped with sauteed jalapenos and onions in a lime butter sauce. Served with choice of one side.15.99
Trout MeuniereFresh rainbow trout dusted in seasoned flour and pan-sauteed, finished with a lemon-parsley-butter sauce. Served over white rice with choice of one side14.99
Chicken Fried SteakHand-battered when you order it because non-seafood lovers should have something to look forward to! Served with Andouille gravy, choice of one sde and a slice of garlic bread.10.99
Pot Roast PlateSlow-roasted beef chuck shoulder smothered with our homemade au jus gravy, served with garlic mashers and choice of side.13.99